Updating blackberry curve 8330

RIM Black Berry OS 4.3, Qualcomm MSM6550, 32 Mi B RAM, 32 Mi B ROM, 320x240, 2.4 inch, 1.9 MP cam, 1150 m Ah | All details | Added to the comparison'; if ((cmp_num = get Cookie( 'cmp_device_num' )) !

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First we had heard that devices with less than 128 megs of flash memory wouldn't get 5.0.

Then we heard the real cut off was OS 4.6: Devices running 4.6 or higher would get 5.0, while those with less than 5.0 wouldn't get it.

in other words, which existing Black Berry Smartphone models would see the upgrade.

We've been wondering what the cut off was for OS 5.0...


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