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Dating a single mom might not be the right choice for every single man.It takes a special kind of guy to want to be involved with a woman who is committed to devoting a significant amount of time and attention to her children.Any kind of affection tendered toward their mom in front of them might make the kids feel threatened. Oftentimes the biggest obstacle in a single mom's dating life is finding adequate childcare.You want to be a welcome addition to her family, not a threatening interloper. If it happens that she cannot arrange for her regular babysitter or a family member to stay with her children, offer to help her out.Ma makes the best of the small world they’re trapped in — making toys out of egg shells and ensuring her child, Jack, exercise, eat, and survive to the best of her meager means. Ma’s willingness to put their lives on the line to gain freedom isn’t selfish — it’s smart. Starring: Taylor Schilling and Zac Efron Plot: Logan, a Marine, travels in search of the girl in the picture he found while at war overseas.She turns out to be a single mom, Beth, in a sticky co-parenting situation with her abusive ex-husband.

The kids will be impressed with their mama's super cool new friend.Amelia loses her husband through a horrific car accident while he was driving her to the hospital to give birth to her now 6-year old son Samuel.Samuel is completely out of control now, and she struggles to take care of things.This movie is all about single moms; therefore, it makes complete sense to be on this list.I connected with some of the issues that were brought up, especially with Nia Long’s character.I even teared up (if you know me, it’s rare to see me cry) while watching some of the scenes.


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