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This site has “nearly the entire gay population of Berlin on it,” according to my boyfriend, Will.But for the more able-bodied, social butterflies out there, Berlin’s nightlife rivals New York’s.If you find yourself a bit shy, turn to the Internet.There are Internet dating sites in Germany, including one for gay men called ‘Gay Romeo’ (But before you enter the minefield that is German-men-dating, be sure you know what's awaiting you.

Some kind of genetic thing, much in the way white people can’t rap and Europeans can’t dance?

It is perfectly possible for an attractive woman -- who in most countries wouldn't have a second to powder her nose from so much flirting -- to stand in the corner alone at a German party and not be approached a single time.

Bottom line: If you want a relationship with a German dude, be prepared to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Dating can be confusing as it is, so when you add dating someone from a different culture it can get downright crazy.

There are, of course, ways to navigate the waters, communication being the main one.


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