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A group of 15 monkeys at Kyoto University's primate research institute in Aichi Prefecture, which are the focus of a string of high-profile scientific studies, escaped from their forest home which is encased by a 17ft high electric fence.

However, despite the intelligence shown in their great escape, the primates appeared unsure as to what to do with their newfound freedom: the monkeys remained by the gates of the research centre and were lured back into captivity by scientists armed with peanuts."Fortunately, they stayed by the fence after escaping as they probably wanted to stay near to the other monkeys so we managed to recapture them all."But we were extremely surprised by the intelligence and the power they used in order to escape."Scientists have since cut the trees in order to prevent a repeat escape, Mr Hirai added.

Motives are secondary to action: a fatal sniper shot towards the end, for example, reeks of deus ex machina.

(Image: copyright Hoshino Yukinobu and the British Museum)That said, the collection includes interesting extra content, including an interview with Hoshino on his research for the book - from visits to British archaeological sites to the minutiae of UK police uniforms.

The original Japanese manga was published in 10 episodes over five months in Big Comic, allowing readers to digest clues, build tension in increments, and savor those well-placed cliffhangers at the end of each installment.

Collecting these into one book warped the pace; story threads seemed hastily woven and the secondary characters lacked depth.

June 26 - July 27, 2017Since the International Division at Seinan Gakuin University was established in 1973, we have offered one-semester or one-year study abroad programs concentrating on Japanese language and culture.

The completion of the new international student residence, International House (I-House), in 2004 has allowed us to offer Japanese language education experiences for more international students.

Lecturers are all highly experienced in Japanese language education, both in our year-long exchange programs and at other universities both here and abroad.

Radiocarbon, or C-14, is a naturally occurring, radioactive isotope of carbon that decays at a steady rate.

Researchers can calculate the age of an object based on how much radiocarbon it contains relative to its stable cousin, C-12.

Because the lifespan of your average mouse is a little over two years, these age points roughly correspond to adolescence, midlife and retirement age in humans.

The mice were tested on their ability to recognize familiar objects and to negotiate a maze.


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