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Pre-sale tickets go on sale later today, before general sale opens up on Wednesday.

Describing the shows, conductor Justin Freeer said: ‘This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime cultural phenomena that continues to delight millions of fans around the world.

Quite why Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia Dursley had such a problem with the loveable orphaned wizard is hinted at (they hate magic, she resented her sister's witchcraft etc) in the books, but has never been explicitly addressed until now.

Writing on her Harry Potter fan website Pottermore, Rowling has revealed the backstory behind the family’s rift."James was amused by Vernon, and made the mistake of showing it," Rowling writes.

The tour will premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall in May 2017, before embarking on a nationwide jaunt that includes stop offs in Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Glasgow.

But if the demand for sold out stage show Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is anything to go by, you’ll have to be pretty damn quick.

With the prerequisite mix of eccentricity, sensitivity, and inner steel, Whishaw would be the perfect pick for the next Doctor.

“I was like, ‘OK, I’ll ask her.’ She was slightly reluctant, but I pulled her arm and twisted it and then she was filming with me for three days at King’s Cross.” Tom & Jade have been going strong since April 2008. Evanna Lynch & Robbie Jarvis — Never would we ever have thought that Luna Lovegood would find love with Young James Potter, but that’s exactly what happened… 2 years after the final film hit theaters, the pair began posting pictures of and with each other on Instagram — like, romantic pictures — and continued to do so up until ~4 months ago. But, while Emma was crushing hard on Tom, Matt was crushing hard on Emma!

He’s been honest about it on more than one occasion, but later moved on to say how she’s like a sister to all of them.

Neither Emma nor Matt admitted to anything more between ’em…

That always gets me." For Tom Felton, it was the epilogue scene that concludes the movie that almost brought him to tears.

That scene has especial emotional resonance for him because his real-life girlfriend, Jade Olivia, plays the wife of his character Draco in the flash-forward sequence.


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