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For Clinton, the controversy shows why Obama is a risky vote for Democratic primary voters.

For Obama, the fight represents a chance to paint Clinton as a creature of the past -- a past defined by her vote in favor of the 2002 use of force resolution against Iraq.Clinton's campaign believes her experience dealing at the highest levels of government as both first lady and as senator is the strongest counter to the energy surrounding Obama. Mitt Romney: The former Massachusetts governor holds onto his top spot on The Line for a second month thanks to two main factors -- his continued strong polling numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire and his demonstrated willingness to use his personal wealth to help fund his campaign. Romney's campaign is contemplating whether he should give some sort of speech in which the governor would further explain his religion and how he sees it influencing a Romney administration. Rudy Giuliani: The former New York City Mayor put together the best month of any of the top-tier candidate.Your heart might be with Obama, the argument goes, but your head is with Clinton. If Romney does give million to million (or even more) to his campaign, it gives him a major leg up over his opponents, who will have to continue to scrounge for ,300 checks all the way through the Iowa caucuses. He is far weaker in South Carolina than in either New Hampshire or Iowa, a fact that could provide a nice opening for former Sen. He will not, they insist, ever engage in a discussion of the specific tenets of the faith. He raised the most money (subtracting Romney's personal donation) in the second quarter of 2007 and ended June with the most money in the bank.For anyone not paying attention, the 2008 pre-season is over.If anyone had any doubt about whether the presidential campaign was ramped up, the still-spurting volcano of rhetoric between Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton over who is better equipped to handle foreign policy should clear that right up.We have 1000s of members who are online now and are after just one thing.


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