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According to Forbes Israel, she was the highest paid model in Israel in 2013, ahead of the combined modeling income of other Israeli models such as Esti Ginzburg, Gal Gadot, and Shlomit Malka.Take a short local bus ride to the Jaffa area and enjoy a delicious dinner at a local institution famous for the North African dish, shakshuka - a delicious concoction of eggs poached in tomatoes and chilli with Mediterranean vegetables.After dinner, take a leisurely after-dinner stroll back to the hotel.Such settlements within Palestinian territories currently exist in Area C of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, and within Syrian territory in the Golan Heights.Following the 1967 war, Israeli settlements also existed within Egyptian territory in the Sinai Peninsula, and within the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip; however, Israel evacuated the Sinai settlements following the 1979 Egypt–Israel peace agreement and from the Gaza Strip in 2005 under Israel's unilateral disengagement plan.Savour shakshuka in Tel Aviv, feast on fish in Akko's Old Town seafood market, learn the tricks of tahini from the Samaritans of Nablus, break bread with Druze folk in Buq’ata and sample mouth-watering knafeh.


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