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Posillipo is a beautiful, cliffside neighborhood where the rich and famous (including the Italian President) live.

Fuorigrotta, literally "outside the cave", was at the western end of the Crypta Napolitana that starts in Piedigrotta, and is a vibrant, young neighborhood.

These superlatives are well-earned by a city that has one of the largest theaters in the entire ancient Greek world, catacombs far larger than those in Rome, one of Italy's largest Roman amphitheaters, and one of the most complete and strongest fortifications remaining from the Greek era.

Add to those a cathedral with one entire wall formed by the columns of an ancient Temple to Athena, Sicily's second most important archeological museum, and fascinating quarries where Greeks and Romans found the stones for enormous ancient complexes, and you can see why Syracuse is high on any list of must-see places in Sicily.

In your cities, research Animal Husbandry to take advantage of Pastures as early as possible for sources of Horses and place adjacent Kurgans to gain extra Faith and Gold (keeping in mind you cannot place Kurgans on hills).

Upon training Light Cavalry units or the Saka Horse Archer, they get two units instead of one.

One of the largest theaters in the whole of the ancient Greek Empire, the Greek Theater at the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis was originally constructed in the reign of Hiero I, about 470 BC, by a builder named Demokopos.

It was here that at least two tragedies by Aischylos premiered, and works by Sophocles and Euripides were performed.

Up the hill from downtown Naples is the sprawling but stately neighborhood of Vomero, accessible by funiculars.

To the east of Vomero are Capodimonte, a neighborhood that used to be the royal hunting grounds, and Sanità, a working-class neighborhood known for its catacombs.


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