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The deal also included the use of Bing as the search engine on Nokia devices, and the integration of Nokia Maps into Microsoft's own mapping services.

Nokia announced that it would still release one device running the Mee Go platform in 2011, but that it would devote fewer resources to future development of the platform, and would phase out Symbian entirely.

You’re welcome, though, to download and print a hard copy of your e-bill from a personal computer.

Registering After Payment Due Date: If you register for classes after the applicable due date, your entire tuition balance minus approved anticipated financial aid for that semester is due immediately.

Adding an allowance to the student’s COA for a computer purchase does not necessarily mean financial aid funds will increase to cover the expense.

If a student has already borrowed the maximum amount, is not eligible for a supplemental loan or does not have any remaining funding sources, there may be no financial aid to assist with the purchase of a computer.

In Q2 2011, amid falling sales, Nokia posted a loss of €368 million, after having realized a profit of €227 million in Q2 2010.

In September 2011, Nokia announced it would cut another 3,500 jobs worldwide, including the closure of its Cluj factory in Romania, after having cut as many as 7,000 the previous April.

These estimates are based on full-time attendance for the entire academic year.

* Non-block: Students who enrolled in the fall 2013 semester or later; Block: Students who enrolled prior to the fall 2013 semester and did not reapply for admission ** Estimates don’t include additional fees charged to students enrolled in arts, business, engineering, nursing and other specialized programs. *** The estimate for students who live with their parents is ,724.

The Student Computer Initiative requires all undergraduate students at VCU to own a personal computer.

Microsoft Mobile had had the right to sell mobile phones under the Nokia brand name, as part of a 10-year licensing agreement, as long as those phones were based on the S30 platform, which comprised "feature phones".

With the acquisition of Nokia's devices and services division, Microsoft re-entered the smartphone market.


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