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The guiding principle of Antioch's policy is that clear, verbal consent is required before proceeding to any new level of intimacy.

"Do not take silence as consent; it isn't," the policy states, illustrating it with the hypothetical response, "Yes, I want to kiss you also." Having had a certain level of intimacy with someone in the past does not constitute consent.

We live this mission each day here in Waco, in coffee shops and church pews and on soccer fields and street corners.

→ We believe everyone has a meaningful part to play in the Kingdom of God, called to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to the world.

Applications for admission received after the deadline will be processed only if space in the program is available.

Arguments are still advanced (notably by Joly 1979) that call into question the authenticity of these documents, but the researches of Zahn (1873) and Lightfoot (1885, 1889) and their followers continue to dominate the scholarship.The most famous scriptural reference concerning Antioch relates that it was in this city that the followers of Christ were first mockingly referred to as "Christians" (Acts ).In the Book of Acts, which offers an account of the first years of the Church, we discover that Antioch is the second most frequently mentioned city.Predictably, the woman (a prim, bespectacled Shannen Doherty) always said yes, and the driveling fraternity slob said no.Much of the script was lifted almost verbatim from the sexual offense policy of Antioch College. That's too bad, because it's a serious, if touchingly earnest, attempt to deal with a real problem.It was the resolution of this conflict at the Council of Jerusalem under Saint James the Apostle that determined the direction of the Antiochian mission to the Gentiles, and the dynamic nature of that Christian community in its missionary outreach.


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